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Thursday, November 4

H&M at the Citadel Outlet

I'm happy to say H&M at the Citadel Outlets finally opened today. It was something I had wished for a long time, and I bet many other shoppers did too. Before the Citadel opened an H&M for the locals, it was either driving to Pasadena or Arcadia.Well not anymore. Now it's a five minute drive and no worries about traffic nor parking.

People began to line up before 10 a.m., eventhough the grand opening was at 12 p.m. The two-story building consists of a fully loaded dowsntair floor for ladies and an upstairs for men and kids. I was not allowed to snap pictures from the inside of the store. But I was able to get some from the outside.

What do we have here? The holidays seem to be getting closer and closer and I couln'nt be more excited about them. The christmas tree is already up at the Citadel. Working men continue to add tree branches to make it look fuller. The tree wont be lit until November 20th. So, if your around the City of Commerce don't forget to make a stop at the Citadel to shop and of course watch the lighting of the tree.


  1. great am ready!!! hey question...why there are so many gorditas waiting to get in? LOL

  2. do they carry the lanvin line?

  3. They wont be carrying the Lanvin collection at the Citadel. But where they are carrying it is at the H&M at the Americana in Glendale.


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