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Tuesday, December 27

Best of Wishes...

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Pops and I made tamales (yes, again) lol. This time we sort of improved the dish's taste and texture. We skyped with my grandmother in Ecuador and showed her our tamales (it's her recipe). She said they looked fine lolol I hope she meant it.

 Wearing: H&M sweater dress I got for $15 over the summer. BCBG Girl boots, Wearing mom's earrings and engament ring.

Tamal Lojano ( Ecuadorian Tamale from dad's native land, Loja) I love toasting them and eating it with hot chocolate.

Pops putting to use his gift. Funny story: When he opened it he was not that psyched about it. He had a confused facial expression wondering if Armando thought he was a child lolol. Once he set it up it all changed. lolol


  1. Aww Sounds like a great way to spend Christmas!!

    Love when that happens with gifts!


  2. Tamales are the best!! Absolutely love them. And it sounds like you have a lovely xmas doll and that's what is all about.

    PS. Following you now. Can't find you on my followers hopefully you can follow back.

    <3 Marina


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