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Monday, January 23

Puppy Love

Welcome Monday !!! Today I start my new job and I am psyched about it. I will definite do a post about it soon.

Yesterday morning I awoke to the cry of a dog thinking it was Nala. So I got up and checked on her and she was sound asleep. So then I began to get ready for church but I keep hearing a dog's cry. I thought it was a neighbors dog but it turned out to be a stray pup who slept outside on our lawn. I opened our front door and yes the pup was on out doorstep shaking and crying. I am not sure if he ran away or was abandon. Either way the poor thing ended up with us, where he is safe and happy. I immediately brought him in and called the city to report the pup incase anyone is looking for him. If no one claims him I will keep him. He and Nala are getting along very well.

Wearing: Coat by Doki-Geki ( I got it exactly 10 years ago, gift from mom). Dress by H&M. Boots by BCBG. Necklace from Ross ( $5) I love it.

Happy Monday !!!!


  1. I adore your necklace! Love the blog.

  2. I just love your coat and sweater, you look absolutely amazing!!! Love your blog and now following, maybe you'll have time to visit my blog:)


  3. Thank you Calm Chaos love the picture of the dessert so yummy :).

    Hi Annabelle thank you and I love your style am one of your followers on chicisimo. Love lOve. And now am following your blog. xoxo :)


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