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Thursday, November 22


I’m Thankful:
·        Health:
o   After seeing my parents with serious health problems I've learned that being healthy is precious. I am fortunate to not have to worry about hoping to feel better tomorrow or overcoming the odds. I wish that for everyone else.
·        Family
o   My life wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for my parents. They are my life and world, heroes, inspiration, and motivation to keep on going. I hope to always make them proud and prove to them all they’ve done for me has paid off. They are my greatest support and loves. And even though my mother might not be in this world physically, her spirit keeps on living and guiding the way for me. 
·        Career
o   This year I started a new job as an assistant producer/editor. Just yesterday I was talking with my dad over dinner how fast time flew. 4 years ago I started my first internship and it became one of the highlights of my college years. I remember thinking to myself if I was going to be able to land a job soon after college and be able to overcome negative remarks and attitudes. Soon after college I landed a job in print and then after at NBC.  I’m thankful for getting the opportunity to work and do what I love. I have been able to grow mentally in this industry and meet wonderful people and move a little closer to what is exactly I want to do, which is become a Film/TV Producer.
·        Hubby-Tubby
o   Having a wonderful man who loves me, respect and supports me is something to always be thankful for. Armando has been one of my greatest supporters along with my parents. He's been there every step of the way, from seeing me working my tail off in college, to losing my mom to cancer and of course-making my way in my career. But overall he has been the shoulder I lean on whenever I need take a breather, the one who extends his arms and hugs me without even asking, the one who puts up with my attitude and rants. But overall the one who loves me for being me. He’s my best friend, sidekick, critic, and more.
·        My Animal Kingdom
o   I may have some of the most outspoken pups ( in woof language) who have so much love to give . They are the best cuddling bears one can have. They are silly fatties and the best partners in crime.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy every moment you have with the ones you love. Live every moment and cherish it, because before you know it, it’s a memory from the past. I am thankful for my fellow bloggers and the ones that follow my blog. For inspiring me to be creative and give me  the opportunity to follow you and all the amazing posts of fashion, food, diy, and more.
Happy Thanksgiving...

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