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Wednesday, September 11

Combat the Allergy Face

With the season soon to change so does the balance of our body and face. Yesterday I attended a makeover and tip event hosted by the beautiful Carmen Ordonez from Viva Fashion and allergy fighting medication, Zyrtec. She shared some of her secret beauty tricks to combat puffy and watery eyes, and who can forget the Rudolph nose (red nose).

I was taken care by Orgins Beauty Advisor and makeup artist, Cynthia Garza.  I always thought I had an oily face and that was that ! Well I was wrong. As I've mentioned before I am not the best person to keep track of a face regime or even know what is best for me. I work with whatever is in front of me. Cynthia  gave me a one on one talk about my skin type, issues I have and can fix, and what colors work for me. An oily T-zone with the rest of my face being normal. Meaning I have the combination skin type.

Cynthia gave me a mini makeover by starting with a toner on my face then adding a eye gel cream with aloe, which  felt amazing and fresh. She then brushed on a CC SPF cream to give me a J-Lo Glow and look fresh.  Then finished it with a bit of powder and frosty eye shadow to make my eyes look bigger and non-teary or red. Lastly she finished with an apricot color lipstick to add some color.

I really loved how natural it looked but also how simple it was to achieve.I hate looking like I have on loads of makeup. The less the better in my case.

Carmen gave me a great and easy homemade tip for puffy eyes: Put two spoons in the freezer. One of each eye. When you begin to see any puffiness or wake up with tired droopy eyes grab the spoons and lay the back of them on your eyes for about 5 minutes. This will calm and soothe the puffiness.

For watery eyes stay away from bright eye shadow and keep it close to the earth tones, such a soft touch of brown. Then line your inner lower rim with white eyeliner to give it that pop and look of a fresh clear eye. And of course use minor make up around the eyes by just adding a tad bit of concealer to help balance the skin tones. 

Let's not forget the Rudolph nose. Carmen suggested to use a concelear and finish with a bronzer to give the face a glow and dewy look.

{From left to right: Makeup artist Cynthia, me, Carmen, and Andriana from La Moda by Andriana }

Many women experience the allergy face any time throughout the year. To help combat the side effects ZYRTEC is the solution. It's quick and easy to find. The best part of it, no one will ever know you might be experiencing the allergy face.

Photos taken by Andrina

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