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Sunday, October 6

Glaudi Runway Show

"My middle name and mother's name is Gladis and GLAUDI is my life in fashion!" -Johana Hernandez

Here's a quick little video I made of the runway show. Enjoy !

Last night my cousin and I attended the Glaudi Runway show by Johana Hernandez at the Sofitel Los Angeles. Some of you may recognize Johana from NBC's reality competition show, Fashion Star. GLAUDI was created to help raise funds from fashion events and sales for kids in poverty in Latin America. Johana also wanted to share with others what her family inherited from the fashion world.What started as a dream to help those in need, has now a very strong celebrity following.

 I met Johana a few years back while I was an intern at Telemundo. She's an L.A. native with very humble beginnings. Both her parents migrated to the United States from El Salvador following their American dream. Her grandmother was a designer back in El Salvador and passed down her talents to Johana's mother, Gladis. When both her parents arrived to the U.S. they were able to get jobs at sweat shops thanks to the knowledge her mother had with garments. Johana has said that her love for designing started at a very young age even before she knew this would one day become her career. It all started by watching her parents work. Since they were a low income family they would take Johana along and that's where the magic began. She loved  to observe, learn, and create. Little did she know she was already in the making to become a successful designer.

Here are some of her designs and if you are interested in purchasing any, visit her website GLAUDI Collection

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