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Monday, October 21

Kiss of Sparkle


Happy Monday! A week ago my cousin aka photog, attended an LA Fashion Week gathering and like always something funny happened to us- me. Let me give you some information about the setting of this place. It was at a Hollywood hotel on Sunset and the view was amazing but the lighting not so much. It's bad enough I'm nearsighted which doesn't help when I'm trying to find my way in the dark. On this day I had a minor scale accident. So my cousin was snapping pictures and asked me to walk down the stairs. Well, I follow my photog's orders and when I took a step down, wham! I felt a sudden warm rush through my body and my mind went into a viewing mode of what can happened next. The darn heel got stuck in between the wooden stairs. I was hoping for a graceful fall but ready for whichever one turned out to be. lol. To my luck I was able to catch my balance and pop back into position and act cool. NOT !

{Top: Phillip Lim for Target}
{Pants: Talbots via Marshalls}
{Heels: Nine West}
{Clutch & Ring: Belong to mom}
{Necklace, Earrings, Cuff: TJ Maxx}

Happy Monday !!!

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