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Monday, December 23

Tips and More

With New Year's rushing in I was asked what websites do I turn to for special occasion looks and manage to always be different.

Here are some of the websites I always browse when I'm in need of inspirations or when going shopping is not an option. I love browsing the web and shopping in my jammies. It's the solution for me when I'm tired, lazy, or just not in the mood to put up with traffic and long lines.

ModCloth: is one of my favorite sites. They have a little bit of everything for everyone. Inspired vintage dresses to actual vintage pieces.

Asos: The majority of you either know or have heard of this wonderful site. They are based in the UK but ship just about everywhere now. They carry everything and at affordable prices. I at least browse the site once a week. They have great clothing, accessories, shoes for both men and women.

Glamorous: This site is awesome. They carry coats, skirts, and everything else to make multiple outfits. The part I enjoy the most is their dress selection. They have from simple casual dresses to the perfect cocktail wear.

FSHN BNKR: The pieces from The Fashion Bunker are a bit more wild yet classic. You can find dressy shorts to asymmetrical dresses and skirts. You must check it out !

Simple tips and questions to ask yourself before shopping online or out and about:
  • Before buying a dress, shoes, coat, etc- make sure you think about how many outfits you can create with your new purchased item. For this I use simple math. I divide the price by how many times I will wear it and the total equals how much it costs per wear. Ex: If a pair of shoes are $80 and you've  made about 10 to 12 outfits in your mind to wear them with: (80/10) = $8 per wear or (80/12) = $6.66 per wear.
  • Is it something that will only be in trend for a season or something I can use over and over? 
  • Can that new piece be mixed and styled differently what things I already own?
  • I'm I able to wash it at home? I myself have purchased  Dry Clean clothing pieces but I must admit it's a hassle especially when you are busy and on the go. The last thing in my mind is driving to the cleaners, driving back home then back again a day or two later to pick it up.
  • Material matters! All fabrics don't suit every body shape. Make sure you try it on if you are shopping out or carefully read the details on the site.

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