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Thursday, January 2

Let the Adventures Begin

It's a new year and many have made and begun their New Year's resolutions, kudos to you ! I've never made resolutions or even thought about it. On Monday at work one of my co-workers asked me if I had made any resolutions and what they were, my answer was a simple no. Which made me wonder why I didn't.

As I get older I learn a bit more about my persona. Ever since I can remember I know that if I want to do something or plan to reach a goal I do it no matter what the day, year, or time it is. Maybe that's why making resolutions is meaningless to me. I can wake up one day and tell myself about a new idea  or something that I'm interested in and begin to work towards it. It works for me and at my own pace.

On my madre's last weeks of life we talked about so many things and one of them was patience. Apparently I don't have any. Due to my strong personality and character (thanks for the those genes mama and papa) I expect things to be done a specific way or look a certain way otherwise I get annoyed. I rather do things on my own knowing I will get it done my way and have the outcome I expect. I sometimes pressure myself way to much which also leads to loosing my patience. I sometimes get anxious when I'm waiting for a specific call or e-mail. But don't we all when we are waiting for that?. I have gotten better at keeping my patience, at least I think.
I've also learned that I can't stay still. Meaning I must always be doing multiple things at once to keep me busy and happy. I know it sounds weird  but growing up I was raised very independent since I'm an only child. I was always doing things on my own and asked for adult  help when I needed it. I think that's why I'm also a loner, but a happy one. I don't like to settle or find a comfort zone, but who does?. I'm always on the go and thinking of what is next for me. I love the journey of reaching a goal or making the idea come true. I always get an adrenaline rush when the idea pops up and the journey begins. I think that is why I love adventures since I'm a curious person. Even when I fear of the what if question I rather take chance than be sorry I never did.

So let the year's adventures begin and a new chapter on our books. Thank you a million because I have been able to share part of my life and joy with you. Without you this adventure and idea would be nothing :).

Thank you,


Welcome 2014 and Happy New Year !

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  1. couldn't have said it better myself.

    Good Luck Sister! :)


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