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Wednesday, February 5

Inspirational Blogger: Divina Se Nace by Jennifer

I would like to introduce to you a new addition of posts I will be adding to Rocks Fashion Bug: Inspirational Blogger. I will be featuring one blogger whom I follow and inspires me in fashion or any other way every month. One of the reasons I began blogging was because of bloggers just like you who shared part of their lifestyle with the rest of us. I love browsing through blogs and finding new ones. It's a great way to meet other bloggers learn from them and even get advise.

I started blogging a year after my mom passed away and she was my one and only inspiration. She was my ''personal stylist" and I always made sure she gave me the last look before I walked out the door. Now that she's gone pops and hub's are in charge of that but I will admit I miss our adventures and talks. I've always loved playing dress so when I came across fashion bloggers my inspiration grew and I became so motivated to begin my own. It's a place where I can express myself and experiment, share the things I like and my personal tips and of course it's a way to honor my mom and keep our memories alive.

With that said let me introduce you to Jennifer Urbano from Malaga Spain. She’s the creator of Divina Se Nace and one of my favorite fashion style bloggers. I first encountered her through a picture on Pinterest ever since then I have not stopped following her. She was the one  inspiration for my pixie hair cut. Even though I’ve never met her personally I feel like I have. She is so humble, sweet, and approachable through her blog. I will be honest and must say I do feel intimated by the other bloggers and when I say that-I mean the ones that have made it big and forget how they once got started. I can assure you not all are like that.


Jennifer’s style is fun, feminine, adventurous, colorful, chic, and on the spot. She makes a casual look effortless yet perfect for a magazine shoot. I love how she takes styling to a new level and gives it her signature. I consider her style one of the most elegant out there. Her travel posts are the best. They are a lookbook of fashion, art, and great adventures.

One thing you will notice is I follow a lot of international bloggers. I love to learn about cultures as I’ve mention before and I do it is through food, reading, and fashion. It’s an easy and great way to travel using your imagination. 



  1. hi pretty, i have the firts shirt, ;) , great pics

  2. Great post will look forward to them. Now to check her out.

    1. Thank you and I will keep more coming. :)


  3. La Ășltima foto sin duda nos ha enamorado

    1. Gracias chicas que vinieron a visitar mi blog. Espero que les haiga gustado el post y la nueva edicion que estare poniendo en Rocks Fashion Bug.



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