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Monday, February 10

Valentine Gifts for Him

Gifts for Him

We are just a few days away from celebrating Valentine's day and if you are still wondering what to get him here are some simple last minute ideas.

1. WATCH- You can never go wrong with a watch and there are so many styles and brands you can choose from. If you are not sure on what style to go for I would recommend choosing a classic style with leather straps.

2. SHOES- What man doesn't like shoes?  A good pair of high-tops or casual dress shoes is always a good gift. If you have an idea of what he likes go in that direction.

3. SUNGLASSES: I chose this item because my hubby is a big fan of collecting sunglasses. You find  great styles at great prices just about anywhere.

4.TIES: I know they are on every list but ties are one main fashion accessory for men. They are many colors and prints to chose from. Now days I've seen men using them with casual attire and of course the dressy outfit.


  1. Great gift ideas. Thanks for sharing! Hello from a new friend from LBC.

  2. Hi Lisa !!

    Pleasure to meet you via blog and through LBC. Thanks for visiting and let's stay in contact. :)



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