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Friday, June 13

Father's Day Special

It's Foodie Friday once again and Father's Day is a few days away. So if you haven't found the perfect gift here's one you can't go wrong with. It's a gift from your heart to his tummy. It's a quick and delicious recipe- Clams in White Wine.

When holidays come around they tend to pass us by at home. We suck at celebrating anything. We do it whenever and sometimes for a whole month. I'm still celebrating my birthday which was in March (lol). I have no patience so waiting for a holiday or special day to shower my papa with gifts doesn't work for me. I tend to do it whenever and all the time. Growing up I was taught to ask if I wanted something and if I earned it I would get it. So presents are not really my thing or expect gifts from anyone. If someone really appreciates me they would gift me with a real friendship, which I am always thankful for. So when there's a celebrations I turn to food to make those bellies happy.


Ingredients: Serves 3-4
-2lbs-3lbs of Clams
-2-3tbsp of Unsalted Butter
-4-6 cloves of chopped Garlic ( I love garlic so I tend to go heavy on it)
-1/2c- 3/4c of Dry White Wine
-Chopped Parsley and Basil
-Chilli Flakes

Note:When buying clams make sure they are completely closed. They should fully open when they are cooked.  

I always go for the fresh clams but frozen can work as well. My go to place is a nearby Asian Market where you can catch your own fish and have it cleaned and cut up. Before starting wash well the clams to remove any dirt. I use a small brush to clean the shells. Heat up a pan and add the butter, chopped garlic and let it cook until it becomes gold. In a different pot boil water with a bit of salt and cook the pasta al dente. Once the butter and garlic begin to bubble add the wine and let it boil. Add the clams, stir, and cover with lid. In less than 2 minutes the clams will begin to open. Stir some more and cover again. While the clams cook drain the pasta then toss it in with the clams and juice. Stir well and serve. Make sure all the clams have opened. If any remain close discard them. In less than 15 minutes you have a fancy meal. I top mine with chopped parsley and basil, some fresh squeezed lemon juice, and chilli flakes. 

You can serve the clams without the pasta and instead pair it with a simple salad and french baguette. Or just drizzle them with lemon and dipped some bread in the broth. Don't forget to pair it with a favorite wine or cocktail drink.

If you want to add another gift along with this meal, I recommend a tablet. I gave my father one a while back and he is obsessed with it. There are so many brands out there and each come at a great value with awesome options. He loves to listen to music and has created his own playlists. Plus he uses it to watch his favorite sport- soccer. I must say, he is the happiest right now while he watches the World Cup during his lunch break from work.



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  1. This looks so beautifully delicious! Good job. :)


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