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Friday, July 11

My Grilled Cheese

There so many variations out there for grilled cheese sandwiches so I decided to share with you my version. It’s one I grew up with and continue to enjoy. I grew up in a home where cooking and creating new dishes is an art, at least it was for my momma. She was all about improvising recipes and mixing flavors and colors. She hated seeing plain dull plates with food. So when it came to cooking up a simple dish she was all about being creative and serving something delicious. A grilled cheese is simply cheese melted on bread. Well this recipe has color and a mix of flavors. Check it out!


2 Slices of bread of Choice ( I use wheat)

1 Roma Tomato or Regular
Slices of Red Onion
Few Basil Leaves
Cheese of Choice ( I like using cheese with spices)


Rinse well the basil and tomato. Dry the basil gently and chop. Slice the tomato and onion. Soak the onion in warm water for about a minute or two. Just to kill off a bit of the odor. Pat dry and sprinkle with a bit of pepper. Gather your bread and place some cheese on a slice. Then add your tomato, onion, and chopped basil. Add more cheese and top with the remaining slice of bread. For this part you can toast or grill on a pan. I do not add butter on the bread I instead pop it in my George Foreman Grill and viola! Once it’s done cut it in half and enjoy alone or with some dip. You can also pair this grilled cheese with a salad or a tomato soup. 

It's very easy and mess free. It uses ingredients you already have at home, and if you don't you can omit or replace with something else. If basil is not your herb of choice add spinach it tastes as good. Give the recipe a try and add your own touches to it. Let me know what you think. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. Oh my god, that looks amazing. I usually just slap some cheese in between white bread and grill it. I really need to step up my grilled cheese game.

    1. You can make so many variations and each one will be freaking delicious. No matter what I make sure I always add onion :)

  2. Que buena pinta!!

    1. Gracias! Espero que sen encuentren bien chicas. Love the blog!

  3. I have a huge obsession with grilled cheese… this looks amazing! My sister loves making food and I'm definitely sending her your link!! XO

    1. OMG! me too. I love loading it up with cheese and onion and mixing other ingredients in as well. Please do and let me know how it turns out and if you all enjoyed it.

  4. OMG that looks so good! Another recipe I'll have to give a try! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. You're so welcome. I love cheese so in anything I added to i get a little carried away. Let me know if you like it. :)


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