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Thursday, July 31

Target Wedding: The Best of Both Worlds

Content and/or other value provided by our partner, Target. All opinions are my own.

I was lucky to be chosen by the Target Wedding program to share one of my summer traditions. With summer being one of the seasons chosen to celebrate most weddings it's also the perfect season to enjoy the outdoors. As you know I love cooking and spending time dinning outside, so I wanted to share some items I personally think would be a great addition for your next party.

Whether it's just two or more for dinner the Threshold Holden Collection is perfect for any occasion. It's has enough room for everyone and what I like are the comfortable wicker chairs. The rectangular metal table is perfect for the outdoors it looks like wood and is sturdy enough to stand the harsh weather conditions. It's also spacious meaning you can create a wonderful and comfortable table setting for your guest. By adding the Threshold Azure Dinnerware set in blue not only gives it color but detail as well. Add some pink hydrangeas as the center pieces along with candles and you have a beautiful rustic table to enjoy. 

Another great piece is Keurig K10 Single Plus Brewer. It's a must any time of the year and perfect for any gathering. Why not surprise your guest with a freshly made cold coffee. You can pop any flavor and add ice or even a scoop of ice cream and enjoy. This would be one of the many highlights of the party. It can easily go from summer to winter and back again. Use the Keurig K-cup carousel to give your guest an array of coffee cup choices. 

When I have guest over for brunch or dinner I like to create a menu of what I'm serving and put it on display. An easy way to do that is by using the Threshold Acacia Cookbook/Tablet Holder. As you can see it has multiple uses and meets many needs. You can set it on the buffet table along with the Crock-pot Hook Up Entertainment System which makes it easier for guest to choose and serve themselves as many times as they like. What's so great about these crock-pots is you can attached 4 of them together using one plug. No need to worry about extra extensions or wires running under the table. All you need is one plug, connect the crock-pots to each other and you are set. Saves space and time.

I'm a sucker for desserts and if you remember a couple of weeks ago I shared and easy waffle recipe. Everyone should own a Oster Dura Ceramic Waffle Maker. You will not be disappointed. Aside from regular waffles you can make waffles from a cake box and add any toppings you desire. Make a waffle sandwich or a waffle pazooki. Create a simple dessert table with chopped fruit, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, ice cream, and so much more for your guest to get creative and make their own dessert. This will be fun at any bash and having guest go in for seconds is guaranteed.

Another fun way to add style to plain water is making a water fusion with cucumber, lemon, and mint leaves or mixed fruits.  Using the Anchor Hocking Beverage Dispenser with chalkboard is a great way to keep your guest cool. Adding the name of the drink, a joke, note, or just a  simple quote on the chalkboard is a great way to personalize your dispenser. When throwing gatherings I love to add simple details to things.

It's not a complete summer gathering if there is no music. I love having music in the background and creating my own playlist for every part of the event. With the Samsung Galaxy Tablet 4.1 you can easily do that.Choose you preferred program and create various playlist according to the theme. Add songs that you know your guest will enjoy. Once you are done with the Threshold Acacia Cookbook/Tablet Holder feel free to set the tablet on it and dance the nigh away. I like using pieces that have multiple uses and can be used over and over.

Hope this gives you ideas and helps you plan for your next affair. It's simple but with plenty of details and most of all loads of fun for your guest. Target always offers stylish items that can be used for various type of celebrations. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars, invest in such pieces that you know you will be reusing. Check out the Target Wedding Registry for more. Also, Target is having a sale on some of the items I shared with you so make sure you check them out. The sale ends August 2nd.


  1. We used Target Wedding Registry & we got great goods. I will have to go into target this week, I loved those dishes you showed. Maybe those are in the sale. Love to you!

    1. Target definitely has great items for home. I tend take a trip every two weeks and check for any sales or clearances. You never know what you may find. I say keep an eye on those dishes they are really cute and I love the color and design on them.


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