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Monday, August 18

Neutrogena Selfie-Tips Giveaway

Disclosure: Today’s post was sponsored by Neutrogena but opinions are completely 100% my own.  Compensation was provided by Neutrogena in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect.

When it comes to acne we all know something about it. I've never had serious issues with it but there are definitely times when I break out like crazy to the point it affects taking pictures for the blog. I obviously know the reasons why. It's due to stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, sweat, and even the changes in the weather. As the seasons change so does my skin regime. I quickly notice small breakouts on my chin and temples, that's when I know it's time to change and step up the routine.

Part of blogging is to share pictures with all of you. Whether it's updating my instagram feed on a new blog post or sharing statement pieces. Selfies come in handy to keep you informed of what's coming up. And because selfies are very useful that means close up shots of my skin will be taking place any time. Close up shots and HD expose every little detail and that means any breakouts, dark spots, uneven skin tone will be visible. It's obviously not attractive so when I find the need to share a selfie I make sure my skin is healthy and camera ready. 

Tip: The following you probably already know and it's very important. Drink plenty of water to wash out any toxins from your body, which also helps hydrate your skin to give you a natural radiance. Try making your own water fusion. I like to prepare mine the night before and have it ready for my morning workout. 

As I mention my routine changes and so do the products I use. I've teamed up with Latina Bloggers and Neutrogena to bring to you an awesome giveaway. I recently received these Neutrogena Pink grapefruits cleansers, which I had not tried before. Since I'm sensitive to fragrance and I try to avoid products with strong odors. These facial cleansers have a citric smell and are not overwhelming. If you like citric-fresh scents then you would like these products. 


The wipes came in handy and perfect to use after my workouts. One thing I've learned is to always wash my face after I exercise to remove the salt, sweat, and dirt from clogging my pores. Put these wipes in your bag and use them when it's needed.You can easily remove your makeup and/or absorb any oil from your t-zone with these wipes.

Tip: When you are taking a selfie find a focus object and share that. Whether it's a new shade of lipstick, eye makeup, or jewelry always emphasize that piece. That way we can all admire what you share. 

The Neutrogena foaming scrub is my favorite. I definitely need to scrub everyday since I have an oily t-zone but scrubbing can also be harsh on any skin. Luckily this foaming scrub is perfect for my skin. I use this every night before I go to bed. The micro beads are gentle but strong enough to remove any build up. My skin is always fresh and tight after I exfoliate.
Tip: Scrubbing helps keep skin free of impurities, soft and brighten complexion. Make sure you scrub at least twice a week to keep you pores clear of any buildup. This positive side effects will show in your pictures. 

I've been using the gel cleanser for my morning routine and have noticed improvements on my skin and pores. No signs of irritation or dry patches anywhere. I easily dry up on the sides of my nose so I always check for any side effects from products I use.

Tip: Instead of taking the picture with your phone right in front, try taking at an angle slightly looking up. It defines your facial features and captures more light giving you that extra glow. 

Summer is the season where I break out the most and these products are doing the job to keep my skin healthy and looking great. I don't like to wear a lot of makeup so keeping my skin clear and fresh is something I try to always achieve. As a blogger I get invited to events and have been very fortunate to work with brands and part of that is to always represent and look my best. If I notice a blemish coming on I quickly take care of it. But if it happens the day of, there are simple tricks to help disguise any flaws in pictures.

Tip: If you are having blemish issues make sure you wash and scrub your face before putting on makeup. Finish with a toner and cream. Let that sit for a while and then add coverage on those issues making sure you don't add layers of makeup. Adding layers will only call more attention and make the issue bigger.
These are just some simple tips. Stay tune for more tips and tricks coming on my instagram throughout the week. 

Alright ladies here is your chance to win a one on one with Neutrogena experts and a year supply of Neutrogena products, all valued at $1000. All you have to do is share your selfie using the hastag #NeutrogenaSelfie on Instagram as well as submit it to the link below. Good luck!

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