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Tuesday, October 14

Shop Pink For A Cause

As you know October is Cancer Awareness Month and now days there are many ways to help support the cause. One thing I like is being able to shop and find a little bit of everything at my favorite department stores which I can purchase and help save a life.

This month is about becoming aware and educating ourselves as well as forgetting about taboos. Every year I meet women who are diagnosed with cancer and seem to be getting younger and younger. Cancer doesn't choose one specific age, race, or status. It's even all the way around. Make sure you examine yourself and if anything seems or feels abnormal get it checked. It's better to be safe than sorry. My mom was the type of person that believed if it didn't hurt or bothered in any way it wasn't something to worry about. Wrong! It doesn't need to hurt or bother you. If it's in your body and it wasn't there before get it checked. She worked and carried on with her life for 6-months with a tumor growing to the size of a golf ball. Once it began to hurt to the point she couldn't handle the pain she took action. Unfortunately it was too late. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She then always reminded me to stay aware and check myself. She would always say learn from my mistake and remember your health comes first.

Here are some items you can purchase to help all at the same time. From workout gear to the perfect tote and of course great scents as well.

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