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Monday, December 15

Holiday Celebrations

Holiday celebrations are in full swing and last week we had our office holiday party. The hub's was able to take a few pictures before the sun sat and as you can see I continue with the parisian style. I got this dress at Ann Taylor before thanksgiving and love the mix of faux-fur. Too bad I didn't enjoy wearing it for long.

Well, last week's holiday fiesta wasn't the traditional holiday party. Our company KNBC is owned by Universal, hence why we are located at the Universal Studios lot. Well, lucky us the company closed down Universal Studios just for the comcast universal employees- which are thousands. If you follow me on instagram you probably saw a picture. Here's the funny part of it. This outfit had to go and I had to wear my comfortable jeans and boots to make it through the night. This was after we received a call from a friend and co-worker that Shirah and I needed to knock it down a few notches because it's a casual-carnival party. We were both a bit disappointed since we were expecting a traditional party but at 7 o'clock at night time was running out for us. As you might also remember we work the overnight shift so mid-night is our time to go to work.

I took my change of clothing for my work shift and wore that for the night and then we were starving. One thing I can say about us is-don't mess with us when we are hungry. We are the most aggressive people when it comes to hunting for our food. Since the party was packed the lines for food were long which we were not planing on waiting at this point. We headed out went to City Walk and ate at Wolfgang Puck. The things we do for food. Seriously at that point we looked like wild wolves with crazy eyes looking for prey and salivating. It was a fun night but for those of us who had to work right after the event, not so much. The following the day seemed to be the longest.

I hope you have a great day and thanks for tuning in. I'm planing on wearing the dress again but add some layers to it.

{Beret: via Burlington (old)}
{Coat: Laundy Shelli Segal via Marshalls (old)}
{Dress: Ann Taylor (on sale)}
{Boots: Diane Von Furstenberg (old)}
{Bag: Nine West (on sale) via Marshalls}
{Necklace: St. John via TJ Maxx}
{Cuff: via Burlington (old)}
{Faux-Fur Scarf: via TJ Maxx (old)}
{Tarantula Brooch: old}

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