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Monday, January 26

Office Chic and Fun

Happy Monday! Another fun and chic office look mixing pieces from Target, Marshalls, and Kohls. Fashion on a budget is fun and easy. I love going to these stores and scan through isles because when you least expect you can find amazing gems. This look is inspired by Ann Taylor's collection from a few years ago. I love mixing prints and colors and this outfit is just that. Nothing over the top just an expression of my style.

Did you catch Miss Universe last night? I was disappointed #MissJamaica was not crown but happy for the winner and runners. Every woman on that panel looked and is beautiful. Kaci Fennell really stood out from the crowd if I may say. Not only for her beauty but the way she represented herself and stood proud of who she is and what she looks like. I love the short hair and classic style. I've notice many of runners and winners for Miss Universe have similar noses which tells me they go or are directed to the same surgeon. I'm all for plastic surgery if one needs it but I'm not in favor of pointing out someones flaws and telling them they need to fix them in order to be a "beautiful woman" or enter a beauty contest. All women are beautiful but what makes them a universal beauty is their brain and confidence. At least that's my view on this topic. I admire when women are unique individuals. When they stand their ground and follow their heart and not the opinions of others.

Thanks for tuning and joining me. Wishing you a great Monday!

{Coat: Target (old// similar)}
{Sweater: Target (old)}
{Skirt: Kohls (old// similar)}
{Heels: Nine West (old)}
{Necklace and Earrings: via TJ Maxx}
{Cuff: Burlington}
{Bag: Michael Kors via Marshalls (old)}


  1. awesome style and blog!

  2. I love the leopard with red! Strips are always the classic piece. Thank you so much for visiting m blog!

    1. Thank you! Love your blog and style.


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