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Friday, March 6

Creative Style

I seem to not get enough of chambray tops and continue to mix them into my daily outfits, they easily mix well with everything. This chambray is an old #fabfound from Marshalls. After many washes it continues to keep it's color and shape. One of my saying is " quality over quantity," you can spends hundreds but if the quality is not at it's best it will quickly loose it's touch. 

I'm a sucker for sales and finding things at a fraction of the original price. You can wear over a million dollars in things but if your confidence and common sense is not there it's all meaningless. I love designer pieces but at the same time I love finding things on sale and having a little extra going to my retirement plan and savings. Yesterday my father and I finally got our taxes done and the person before us who was finishing up ended up owing the IRS over $30,000. I immediately looked at my dad with a WTH facial expression. How can you owe so much money and look at it as a joke, she was blabbing it out trying to be funny with everyone in the office but it wasn't. This for me is being irresponsible and trying to live a life outside your means. Growing up my parents taught me about money it's meaning and of course how to use and work it.  Both my parents raised me to be financially stable and an independent person whose responsible. Shopping is not bad hobby but what comes after is. I've met people who shop using their credit crads because they don't have the money in reality. This is where it all goes south. Fashion and style isn't about splurging or going bankrupt it's about using your creativity to make things your own personal identity. Living someone else's life or trying to will hurt in the long run. I recommend to think before you buy and find sources to help you save. Now days the easiest way is the internet. Do some research and sign up for sale alerts they come in handy when you least expect. 

Hope these are some helpful words. Thank you for reading and wishing you a wonderful weekend. Remember fashion on a budget is not only a great way to save on some moolah but also to express your creative side and style.

{Sunglasses/ Necklace: Jessica Simpson}
{Chambray/ Pants/ Scarf: via Marshalls}
{Cardigan: LOFT (similar)}
{Boots: Jimmy & Chris (old)}
{Bag: via TJ Maxx}


  1. Love it! and I think I have all the pieces at home!

    1. Thank you! That's great please do share would love to see it. Have a great day!


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