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Sunday, March 15

One More

Happy Monday! As you probably saw on my social media accounts I celebrated my birthday last week and I wanted to thank you for all the warm wishes. I'm not big on throwing huge fiestas but I do enjoy keeping things simple and cozy with my family and loved ones, as well as expanding the celebrations for as long as possible (hehe).

This year was the 28th birthday which I know makes me closer to 30 or as my daddy keeps saying, you're old. I can see you're starting to get crows feet. Thanks pops you know how to make me feel my best! <not>. My daddy likes making jokes and I'm grateful to have him by my side. One of the things I do every year is visit my momma and eat cake with her at the cemetery. I've been doing this since her departure and I always find peace and comfort when I'm with her. I'm not going to lie I miss her terribly. My mom was and is my best friend, my worst critic, my hero and inspiration, and the one women I look up to and admire for all she did to give me an incredible life. I look forward to turning old because every year I accomplish goals I once shared and talked about with my mom. In a weird way I believe it's all due to the strength she passed on to me and presence all around. My mom died at age 61 but never did she complain about getting older. She said people who complain about age are those who haven't accomplished anything and have nothing to share with the world. She was a very wise lady and the best gift she gave to me was life and love. A love that is eternal and that keeps me going. Thanks momma!

The hubs and I dine out at one of our favorite restaurants in Old Town Pasadena, Cafe Bizou. It's a french restaurant with delicious food and an amazing ambiance. Since it was a bit warm I wore a skirt and one of my few obsessions- a striped top. I mixed in an olive statement necklace to give it some pop and also because I like how it has that tribal feel to it.

Thanks for reading and for all your support. Always remember when days seem gray and not going well, face then with your head held up high and know that things will get better as longest you work for what you set your mind to. 

{Necklace: Old (similar)}
{Top: Ann Taylor}
{Skirt: Peter Pilotto x Target}
{Boots: Coach}
{Bag: Etienne Aigner via Marshalls}


  1. Nice skirt dear!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! I spray on some It's a 10 Miracle product and let it air dry. Controls frizz and adds shine and softness.


  3. Happy belated birthday. Hope it was fun. Your skirt is so cute and i adore your necklace.

    1. Thank you! I did it was a great day and week.


  4. Happy Belated birthday!! Many blessings to you!!

    1. Thank you so much! Very sweet of you and wishing you the same.



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