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Friday, April 3

Hair Care

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing some of my go-to hair products and tricks I've learned along the way. As I've mention before not only do I have a lot of hair it's also very thick and heavy. My hair is not the easiest to work with and I know there are man of you who feel the same. That's why I wanted to share with you my little simple tricks.

Thinning Hair
I learned about thinning my hair in my teen years and I can say it was life changing. I never knew that was possible until one day the stylist cutting my hair recommended I did it to prevent my hair from puffing up. Now days every time I get a cut I make sure the stylist finishes with thinning shear's and a razor trim. It's helped me manage and tame my hair, plus it helps speed up the drying process after I shower. 

Clean Hair
Another little trick I learned by a hair expert is washing my hair with mixture of water and apple cider vinegar. I never knew there could be residue and build up left from hair products and even shampoo, but there is. I do this once every two weeks I mix 1 cup of water with a few table spoons of vinegar, pour it on my hair shampoo with head and shoulders and then finish with an argan oil conditioner. It's super easy to make with products you probably already have at home. The vinegar strips away all the dirt and junk left behind leaving you with shinny hair.

Coconut Hair Mask
Coconut oil has so many benefits and one of those is helping and restoring hair. It helps lock in moisture, heal any damage, control the pH balance, and so much more. It's an ancient beauty product that still does the job to this day. Once a month I pour a good amount of oil all over my hair and scalp. I let it sit for an hour and then wash it off. It does take some time to wash off but it's worth it. Since I use coconut oil a lot I like buying the Costco batch and scooping some onto a jar and storing in my restroom.

Argan Oil
 Argan oil is another ancient beauty secret. It can be used on hair and body. I like using this oil after I shower on my hair it absorbs well and works as a leave in conditioner. You hair wont be or look oily but will definitely be very soft and healthy. I also like using conditioners and products with argan oil.

it's a 10
When it comes to products I like to keep it it simple and easy. With that said I love using every product by the brand it's a 10 . It works on every hair type and controls the worst frizz plus it helps style hair. A few sprits is all you need and one little bottle will last you a good amount of time.

Here you have it! There's no need for a drawer full of hair products it's about finding the ones that work and those you can get many benefits from. Whether it's wearing my natural wavy hair or straightening it, I make sure I care for it before and after. It's an easy beauty routine that can work for any hair type. Wishing you a great Easter weekend. Enjoy!

What are your must hair products and recommendations?

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  1. I for the most part keep my hair braided to protect it from breakage and I have an argan oil that I use and love for hydration.

    Xo Miss Erin
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