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Wednesday, April 22

DIY: ZARA Jewelled Sandals

DIY Zara Jewelled Sandals

Happy Wednesday! Today I'm sharing a very simple DIY that was inspired after coming across these Mid-heel Jewelled Sandals at Zara last week. As I was browsing and saw these sandals and was contemplating getting them. But then remembered I had a similar pair I bought at Marshalls a while back, minus the jewels. That's when it clicked in my head to make my own sparkly sandals. I headed to Michaels and stocked up on glue and gemstones.

What You Need:
*Tan, Nude or Beige Sandals
*E600 Glue
*Gemstones of Choice

As Follows:
-Start with a clean surface and decide what size of gemstones you want to use.
-Next measure and make a dot with a marker of where you want to place each stone.
-Grab your gemstones dab some glue on them and begin to stick them on the dots.
-Let the gemstones and glue dry overnight.
-I do recommend cleaning the gemstones with windex or vinegar once they are dry. It removes any dirt and glue that might of gotten smeared around.  

This DIY has been one of the easiest and quickest I've done in a while. Not only did I save money I also recycled old sandals and made them into a new looking pair. I love the sparkle on them and  are great addition to any casual outfit and those upcoming BBQ's.

Thank you for tuning and have a wonderful Earth Day!


  1. It's a really cool DIY project!
    Thanks for sharing and lovely comment on my blog =)


    1. Thank you! A simple way to update any sandals every season.



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