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Friday, May 8

Mother's Day Gift Guide

Are you ready for mother's day? Here's a gift guide to help you find something special for that beautiful women in your life, your mamacita. Whether it's jewelry or home-goods there is something for every momma in here. All these items you see below are pieces I choose specifically for my mom knowing what she liked and what I would give her if she were here with us.

Mother's day is a very emotional day for me. It will be 7 years since my mother's passing. She fought cancer head to head for 8 long years until one day she decided it was time to finally rest and end that battle. She removed her chemotherapy port and sat me down to give me the rundown of what was to happened next. She asked me for a favor, to please not put her on life support if she ever went into a cardiac arrest. She wanted to be free once again and most of all wanted my father and I to find peace. She cracked jokes until her last days by saying, soon I won't have to worry about paying taxes, bills, and of course I will finally be able to travel the world non-stop. Yup! that was her type of humor. She made sure she gave us a list of orders of what was to be done after she left and to make sure we maintained her grave sight nice and neat because she didn't want to be a nesting ground for wildlife. A few years prior to her passing she put an outfit together ready to go for her funeral and even modeled it making sure she look sharp. I thought it was the funniest thing ever but I know why she did it. She did it to keep everything flowing as it always did at home with laughter and joy. She left this world wearing her signature style - classic and elegant but left an eternal mark for everyone who met her.

Once again thank you for your company and I wish you and your wonderful mother an amazing weekend. Enjoy and spoil her like there's no tomorrow. Cater to her everyday not just that one day and thank her for every sacrifice she's done for you. I've learned that moms have no limits and go far and beyond to make sure we, , are safe, happy, and growing My mom sacrificed so much to give me a wonderful life but most of all a future. Something I see every year as I get older. I can say I am one fortunate person, to have been given the opportunity to have met and be raised by an amazing, strong, and powerful woman is truly a blessing. 

Happy Mother's Day! 


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