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Friday, October 2

The Elephant in Me

I can’t get enough of Olive colored pieces. Everything I see in that tone easily captures my attention. I've seen these jogger pant all around and wanted to try them myself. I truly like everything about them and will be going back to Tar-jay for the black pair. They are comfortable and you can style them various ways plus they are at a great price.

Elephants are one of those childhood memories not only because I always asked my mom for one and she would reply with a “NO” but because it was also one of the many nicknames I had as a kid. My momma use to call me "elefante" which is Spanish for Elephant out of love. I was a chubby kid and taller than all the other children my age which obviously made me look ginormous next to them. But never did I feel awkward or embarrassed.

I grew up in a household where confidence and being secure of yourself was and is very important. My mom was very strict on raising and teaching me to love myself and accepts who and what I am. Maybe that's why I'm an animal lover because I feel so close to them lol. I was also once told  Elephants are a symbol of good luck and protection. Whether that's true or not I'll take it along with the rest of the animals in the world.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and I can't wait for this #foodiefriday to start. Thanks for visiting me and see you next week!

{Jacket: ABS by Allen Schwartz via Marshalls (similar)}
{Top: via Marshalls (similar)}
{Jogger Pants: Target}
{Heels: Steve Madden (similar)}
{Necklace: St. John via TJ Maxx}
{Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs}

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