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Sunday, January 3

A Blushing New Year

Welcome to a new year and a new chapter in life. I never make resolutions because I just never follow through, ever. But I do set goals whether they are small or big. Every step counts to get to where I desire to be. 

This year I have sat my mind to improving my fitness level. I started with a New Year's 10k race in Los Angeles. I never liked running or working out growing up. I was not a fan of playing sports but I did enjoy the rough games. Once I entered college and gained over 30 pounds from eating and stressing out during finals. That's when I realized that running was my solution to clearing out my mind and getting my act together. Ever since then I have become more and more involved in learning about a healthy lifestyle.

This year I'm doing a Spartan race which I have began to slowly train for. My goal and hope is to climb the damn rope along with a handstand. Everything else will be icing on the cake.

So this year focus on your own goals and ideas. Don't give up and when you feel like it, remember why you wanted it in the first place. Life can get busy but if you learn the act of balancing you will be fine. Yes, you will fall of the wagon here and there but all you have to do is dust yourself and get back on it. 

Happy New Year!!!

{Coat/ Sweater/ Skirt: c/o Old Navy}
{Booties: Michael Kors}
{Necklace: LC Lauren Conrad}

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