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Thursday, November 28

Little Black Skirt

Happy Thanksgiving !!! It’s holiday season and I love the energy that is felt in the air and of course the décor. Thank you for visiting my blog and inspiring me every day. You guys rock!  I am thankful to have this little corner to share my thoughts, feelings, outfits and anything in my mind. To all Happy Holidays!

I love to mix pieces so I decided to wear my faux leather skirt with this tweed jacket I got a few years back, which reminded me of Chanel. Since I'm in the holiday spirit most of my outfits have been inspired by that. I chose to go classic with an edge. Making my top the classic and bottom the wild and edgy. This is

I’ve mention before I love accessories so when I came across this brooch of Dorothy’s shoes from Wizards of Oz, I had to have it.  I’m a big fan of color so this was the perfect touch to this outfit in my opinion. Oh and since I was feeling a bit wild I took out my fishnets and wore them.

{Jacket: XoXo}
{Blouse: Jones New York}
{Skirt: Max Studio last worn}
{Fishnets: Target}
{Gold Studs: belonged to mom}
{Brooch: Local store}
{Bangles: Jones New york}

Happy Thanksgiving !!!


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