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Monday, December 2

Thanksgiving Feast

Salad, Yucca, and Lechon Horneado

Happy Cyber Monday !!! I'm still trying to recover from my long Thanksgiving feast weekend. That also means the holidays are full in swing and I'm happy to say my outdoor Christmas d├ęcor is almost done but still missing the inside. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with loved ones and delicious food. Thanks to my daddy we had a wonderful meal. He got busy in the kitchen while I was at work. We are not the traditional turkey eaters but we do follow our own tradition of cooking random meals and anything we might be craving.
 Lechon Horneado ( Pork Oven baked) You can see the toasty and crunchy skin.

This year we were in the mood for some Lechon Horneado with llapingachos (potato patties), sweet plantains, yucca, and salad. This is a very common dish in Ecuador and one of my favorites. There is so much you can make with the left overs. The best part of the Lechon is the top skin layer which gets crunchy and easily breaks off. Simply delicious.

 I love food and have a strong bond with it since I grew up with a mother who was a Chef. I remember learning from my momma about other cultures through food. She taught me about flavors, spices, mixtures, smells, and so much more.

Llapingachos (Potato patties with a bit of cheese inside) I love eating them with red onion and tomato.

Then on Friday hubby and I headed to dinner with his good friend and business partner's restaurant. I had the lamb chops and they were heaven on earth. You can never go wrong with a calamari appetizer and lemon. I hope you enjoyed your weekend and feast. What was on your plate and the best part of your meal?

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