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Wednesday, December 4

Those Boots

Happy Hump Day! The days are getting chillier and chillier which means it's time to take out those boots. I love boots- short, tall, high or low heel I'm all over it. They are my favorite accessory during fall and winter. You can never go wrong with boots. They are so versatile and are a statement on their own.

These are some of my favorite boots. I bought these and another pair while I was studying in Ecuador. I must confess Ecuador has some of the best boots since many are imported form Brazil. The leather is soft and the height is perfect to wear all day. I love how they become very rough-old looking. The more I wear them the more of their personality comes out.

{This is what happens when I annoy my hubby he becomes a sarcastic clown}

{Long Sweater: 89th & Madison }
{Top: via Marshalls}
{Jeans: Express}
{Boots: Jimmy & Chris worn here}
{Necklace & Earrings: TJ Maxx}
{Bag: Etienne}
{Bracelets: Anne Klein}

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  1. I love this outfit! So simple yet chic! U just followed you, hope you do too <3


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