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Monday, December 9

Coat- Red

With the temperature dropping the coats come out. Coats are one of my favorite styling pieces. There are so many styles, colors and patterns to choose from that you can never have too many coats just like shoes. I got this coat years ago when Sargent Pepper jackets were the buzz. I found it at Marciano and love the color so I grab it along with a long cobalt blue coat. 

I stumbled upon these oxfords last week and had to buy them. I love the Zebra print and how comfortable they are. My father walked by my closet and the first thing he said, “Your closet looks like a zoo with all those animal prints and furs.” I began to laugh since he said it with such a serious tone and facial expression.

I’ve loved animal print since I was a kid. I use to have these leopard pedal pusher pants which I loved and wore on a daily basis (they were my weekend pants, after school, party, etc). Then one day they tore on the butt area and my momma threw them away. But that didn’t stop me I went and picked them out told her to please wash them and I would sew them. She washed them I just never got the time to sew them since I was just too busy being a kid.  So I wore hol-e leopard pants until I couldn’t anymore.  :) 

{Faux-Fur Scarf: H&M}
{Coat: Marciano}
{Jeans: Express}
{Turtleneck: Tommy Hilfigher}
{Oxfords: Dolce Vita}
{Belt & Earrings: TJ Maxx }
{Necklace: Burlington}

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