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Friday, March 7

Inspirational Blogger: Lilliana Vazquez

The first blog I came across before I began blogging and who inspired me was, The Cheap Chicas Guide to Style by Lilliana Vazquez. I was still in college and of course always looking for ways to save money, be in style and look my best for any interviews and of course everyday life. To my luck her blog popped up while I browsed the internet and with the advice and guidance I needed. As I've shared before after my mom passed away it was hard on me because I didn't have someone to turn to and ask for advice and styling information. It's not the same asking my dad. I loved fashion and playing dress up but when it came to putting a specific look together I would over think about it and stress out. For that reason I turn to her blog and search for ideas and looks, location to find the best deals, and ways to update a simple outfit. The more I read her blog the easier it was to combine her information with my mummy's and slowly I began to find my style.

Her blog is literary a guide to shopping and styling with out spending hundreds of dollars on a personal stylist. With a simple click of the mouse you can find Lilliana- her daily deals and my favorite, Look for Less. You have a question I can assure you the answer is in her blog. She leads by example and shares her own fashion finds and looks for less to show us we can all look great at any budget 

You can catch her on any network’s talk show from the Today show to Access Hollywood, even The Steve Harvey Show. She’s the it Blogger, in my opinion. About 2 years ago I spotted her at work. We were still at the Burbank lot and she was doing a segment for Access Hollywood. I was too shy to stop by and say Hello, then again I didn’t want her to think I was a stalker.  But I did get to see her walked into and out of the studio while I was running back and forth from the newsroom to the studio. Later on she tweeted about her time at Access and I commented that I was one of her fans and I was in the same lot working in the studio across. She was sweet enough to respond and say to stop by next time and say hello. Honestly that was the highlight of my day. She is an awesome bloggers. She’s the friend (via internet) who gives you a makeover to cheer you up inside and out like a kid in a candy store.

Lilliana got me into doing my research before I head out the door and shop. It helps to know what you are in search of instead of just grabbing anything. I rarely pay full retail price for clothing or shoes, unless I know it's something I must have at any price. I love to head out to my local outlets and discount stores and browse what's new in stock. The majority of the time it's a hit. I usually find things I see at major department stores. It's all about the location of stores where you will find the killer deals.

If you haven’t checked out her blog do so. You will be surprise at all the great tips,trends and more you will find.


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  1. What a nice way to learn about your story & now you inspire others. I really like your style and I know there are many who look at your blog for inspiration now. Lots of love to you. Lisa~ a friend from LBC.


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