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Monday, March 3

Oscar's Best Dressed

Last night was the Oscar's and all the buzz was about who wore what. I tuned in early just to watch the red carpet arrivals and my favorite fashion icon, Lupita Nyongo.  I must tell you shes my new fashion idol I just love how she carries herself and how she chooses something different every time without ever loosing her touch. Her style is classy and simply perfect. She reminds me of women of the world with elegance, style, and charisma. She always hits on the spot. Last night she looked like a Greek goddess and every time she walked it was like watching her float with such delicacy. 

Another hit in my opinion was Angelina Jolie. I loved her dress and how simple it was yet so sophisticated.

Anne Hathaway is another fashion idol on my list. Ever since she cut her hair it seems she become more open about playing with trends and trying new things. She is an elegant women and can pull off any look with that body and beautiful face.

Camila Alves stepped on the red carpet by wearing a blush pink dress. It reminded me of something a queen would wear. Again simple but elegant without to much fuss. It would of been a nice touch if she would of added a nice swarovski pendant or necklace in my opinion.

Cate Blanchett always kills it. She chooses what her personality feels at that moment. This dress is perfect. It has details and is enchanting. Then again anything she wears looks great.

Kate Hudson and Maria Menounos are my other fashion idols. They both have fun and flirty personalities. I love Kate's plunging neck line. I can honestly say that is her signature. She rocks its and looks amazing. One thing I believe is being small chested has many advantages. For example a small chested lady can pull off low cut tops and plunging necklines and it looks chic and clean. No disrespect to big bosoms but it does take more work and care to keep them in place under certain outfits.

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