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Friday, July 18

On the Dot

I'm the type of girl who prefers her hair up and away from the face but now I just want to shave it off again. I've let my hair grow out and it's at that stage where there isn't much you can do with it other than pin the flying strands or hold it down with gel. It's not long enough to be all held together with a scrunchy so parts are tied others running wild. 

We headed off to Long Beach for lunch and the humidity was not my friend that day. My hair puffed up, hence the mushroom style as you can see from the photos. So all I can do is go with it and continue to look for ways to handle this annoying issue. 

Wishing everyone a fun and awesome weekend!

{Top: Express}
{Shorts: Ann Taylor}
{Sandals: Calvin Klein via Marshalls}
{Belt: via TJ Maxx}
{Bracelets and Sunglasses: Jessica Simpson)


  1. Awesome outfit! I remember when my hair was that length while growing it out. There really isn't a lot to do with it besides wait. I'm sure it'll pass in no time. :)

    1. Thanks Raissa! I agree but sometimes it's just so annoying so for now I'm using pins all over my hair. lolo
      Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. You always have such great photos! Love those shoes too! My sister is also growing out her hair, she just got another cut to shape it a bit better to help with the awkward stage of the grow out.



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