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Monday, November 24

Enduring Style

Last Tuesday I was lucky to attend and event in which The Zoe Report, Sarah Taschman and Jacey Dupri form Damsel in Dior talked about blogging and enduring style. It all took place at St. John in Beverly Hills which is a very charming boutique. Everyone was so welcoming and sweet. I joined my good friend and blogger, Erin from Miss Erin Says.
The affair took off with the discussion between Sara and Jacey about style and what it means to them. I had never met Jacey Duprie other than through her blog. I was attracted to her blog by how simple, classic, and comfortable her style is. It was a pleasure to meet and talk with her. Aside from being one of the biggest bloggers of all time she is very wise, honest, and humble.

Some of the things talked about and that I'm now carrying in my pocket through this journey are the simplest yet the most meaningful. Remember why and where you started, the minute you loose one everything changes. I agree and understand this. I've seen many bloggers change with time and I'm all for change but when it's a change of growth without floating away from earth. Every year there are new bloggers and that is an incredible thing which helps what was once a small circle, now a community where we have each other to support and cheer for. As Jacey said, "we are each others support team, here to push and inspire."

After the Q&A the fun started. It was time to play dress up and shop for a cause where 20% of the proceeds went to Girls Inc. Erin and I went off taking pictures of our favorite pieces. One person I automatically thought of when I walked into St. John was my momma. The pieces are very ladylike, classic, and elegant. There is something for everyone and I when I say that I mean it. Whether you are a size 6 or a size 16 you will find something. This stood out to me because I myself am between sizes. On a good day I’m a size 8 on a bloated day I’m a size 10 and a fantastic day I can even be a size 6, all depending on the designer and material. Size shouldn’t matter when you are out trying on clothes and shopping for them. It all comes down to how it fits and you feel wearing it.

Check out some of the pieces that my eyes couldn't resist. From the classic black and white tweed to leopard prints, feathers and dots. So much eye candy, hope you enjoy.


What is enduring style?
There is no right or wrong to this question only a long list of answers. In my opinion enduring style is something that never dies an always available. Growing up my mom always said fashion is like a circle, it comes and goes, but style is eternal. We all have pieces we consider timeless and mine are boots, jeans, a white blouse, black blazer, and color. In each and everyone of my outfits you will find at least on of those pieces. Why? As I mention before I knew about fashion but not style. As I got older I began to see the difference and discovered the meaning of each. Fashion is a trend, style is what you express and what defines you. I consider style an art. It's a mixture of ideas, inspiration, and memories that we each create.

As a child my style inspiration and teacher was my mother. I observed each and every detail and question her about it. I remember asking her what she wore as child, teen, and young adult. She easily compared her style to vintage films and my favorite, I Love Lucy. Ever since then visuals and memories are what create my style. I love classic pieces such as midi-skirts and full-dresses but at the same time I like to mix in some non-traditional items like a leather jacket, boots, and mix prints.

After serious thought I chose two words that define my style. Chic and Diverse.

Why Chic? I'm proud of who I am and my body. I love the french vibe along with classic and clean. For that reason I look for pieces that accentuate my body comfortably but never messy looking or vulgar. French style is effortless and it's that simplicity that I'm obsessed with. Less is more and I believe that. An outfit should never wear you, you should wear the outfit.

Why Diverse? 
As much as I love classic chic pieces I also like to mix in the unexpected and add my twist. I not a girly girl nor fully edgy just enough of a mix of this and that. I will never stick to one trend but mix old and new. I love color and adding a touch of color I call my signature.

As bloggers there comes a time where we sometimes loose inspiration. Jacey recommends and shares some easy tips to get that inspiration back: 

-Go back through your blog archives and choose the posts you liked the most.
-Now choose the ones that where most visited on the blog. 
-Compare them and write down what they have in common
-Select the two words that you used over and over. Those two words define your style.
- By then your mind will be filled with inspiration and ideas which will easily get you back to business. 


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