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Thursday, April 30

Nike Women Los Angeles N+TC Tour

 As promised here's what went down at the NIKE WOMEN LOS ANGELES N+TC TOUR. The event took off with a panel of strong and inspirational women. Olympic Sprinter winner, Carmelita Jeter and English singer, Ellie Goulding took the stage to give us some words of motivation and reason why we should never give up. Like every one else- these two women faced many struggles to reach their goals and when one door closed they went on to the next but made sure they always had a plan and a back up plan. These two ladies shared the same mindset of working to get better for it. The more you practice and try something the better you will understand, which will eventually lead to your goal (s).

During the check in we were all given a schedule of times for each class that was available, from kick boxing, dance, to spinning. My workout session began with a group warm up which included a firework finale. Later on I moved on to kick boxing and made sure I ended my night with cycling- which kicked my butt. It was a fun event with lots of energy and so many people motivating and pushing one another.

Nike was also generous enough to let the attendees wear a pair of new Nike Free TR 5 Flyknit  during the event. I must say they were very comfortable and I love how the neon color stood out with the black lights.  

To end the night I stopped by the motivational wall and left a couple of messages for the next person(s) to come and read. It's those simple words that can make a difference in someones life. My favorite phrase is don't stop, keep on going. It's a very simple saying but when things get hard many quit and only a few find some motivation to keep going. In my case I learned from my mother who was battling cancer. Even on her worst days she always managed to find a reason to smile, laugh, and even tell me- don't worry everything is going to be okay. Even though they were just words they meant the world to me because they gave me peace, comfort, and inspiration to keep going.

Whatever your struggles are don't let them take over your life and mind. Fight to be the person you want to become. Yes, it takes time, dedication, patients, and most of all learning. But at the end of that road you will find peace with yourself and a variety of great emotions. I know this event was about a healthy lifestyle and becoming a better you but at the same time it was to prove to you anything is possible if you keep trying and at your own pace.

Have a wonderful day and whether your goal this year is to loose weight, become a better runner, improve in school, etc. do it with passion and love. Don't worry about what others say or think. Worry about how far you are willing to push yourself to reach that gold star. People who want you to succeed will motivate you and never find something wrong with what your doing instead they will encourage and help you. Don't forget to DO the same for others. It's a few simple words that can help change someones day and mind.

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