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Friday, March 4

The Power In You

Sorry I've been a bit quiet, but it's all been for a good reason. Remember how in my new year's post I mentioned I didn't believe in resolutions but I was all about setting new goals and challenges?... Well, I signed up to be part of a bikini fitness competition. Never in my life would I have thought I would ever take on that challenge or even look into it. I've been documenting as much as I can so I can track my progress of this exciting transition. 

I created a new instagram account that will just focus on my fit-journey. I will continue to post my weekly outfits, or at least try to but I will definitely update you on my fitness status. I started on the first of February which puts me at a month in and now 12, almost 11 weeks away from D-DAY. Am I worried, scared? HECK-YES! I'm worried I might not be ready for "the day" but not stressing about as much, yet. I'm starting to see physical changes such as my biceps beginning to pop out when I flex and belly a little flatter, but definitely no more bloating. Plus, I can feel my legs tighter. It all starts from the inside out. Don't forget! 

A little secret about me, I have stage fright. And now that I will have to wear a bikini, try to be in the best shape I can be in, and in front of a panel of judges and strangers- makes me a little more nervous and anxious.Yes... it's like that dream where you're naked and trying to hide. But as my momma always said, "there's always a first time to try things and decide whether you like it or not and face your fears, if there's any." Wise words but it's easier said than done (lol). 

The older I get the more I like to take on challenges. As a kids my parents always kept me active so my brain could grow, so what they said but in reality it was to give them a break from annoying them (haha!). I'm a very active person and I have to be doing multiple things in order to have a rhythm otherwise I feel like I'm lacking and wasting time. I've learned to not take myself too serious. Just a few years ago in my teen and early 20's I was always beating myself up about everything. As the saying goes, "you are your worst critic and sometimes even enemy." Before my mom passed away we would have these talks about learning to be patient and not stress about things. She would use herself as an example and how her way of managing stress could have been the cause of her cancer. At 20 you just agree to whatever your parents say so they can leave you alone but once she passed away I began to analyze and put that into use. I was on my last year of college and I began to pause, take a breath and talk to myself about any situation that bothered me. I lay out the pro's and con's because I hate surprises and of course I always want to be mentally ready for anything. Don't get me wrong I still push myself and always go 110% and beyond to be the best I can be, but now I don't let the negative side of me get in the way. I've learned to enjoy and live in the process of anything I take on. There will always be bumps along the way but nothing that can break me unless I let it do so. We each have the power to decide whether we like something or not, whether we want to try it or not. At the end of the day we will never make everyone happy other than ourselves. I rather start with my happiness and take it from there. This is the way I see it, nothing is impossible unless you choose that.  There are no problems only solutions and the only thing we can't escape is death, another quote from my mother dear.

My main goals in this lifetime is to live happy, healthy, and make memories, face fears and work on my weaknesses. I want to grow old, look back at my life and smile because I took advantage of everything and anything. I like to push myself and stand on the edge of the cliff knowing that if I take one step forward I can choose to fall or fly- I always choose to fly, even if it takes me a while. I don't like to repeat things in life, reason why I choose to learn from others. That way I can save my time on something worthy and enjoy it. 

I leave you with this-Do what you love, try what you want, but never STOP! You have so much to live for and it's all the small things in life that have the biggest meaning and the ones that take you onto bigger and amazing adventures. 

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